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Hello !! I’m Iyanna Bridges, a nurturing mother of 4 bubbly inquisitive girls, a committed Black birth advocate and Owner of The Birthing Hut . I was drawn to birth work due to personal complications with my last pregnancy and has since dedicated my work to supporting all mothers while prioritizing Black mothers and families.
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Jessica A Brown

Hello and welcome! I'm your friendly neighborhood doula, Jessica. Inspired to pursue well-woman/maternity care; I draw on my background in Psychology & Anthropology, being an EMT, a mental health counselor, and as a birth & postpartum doula. My guiding star has been to provide parents with more individualized options that align with their values and visions of birth, the postpartum period and parenting.
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Teresa Burdett

I have been a member of the birth community for about 5 years. I have served hundreds of families in varying capacities. I would love to talk to you about your pregnancy journey and upcoming birth.
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Jasha Buckery

Hi, I'm Jasha The Saye Birth Doula. As an advocate, a friend, and your anchor in your birth experience I try to incorporate practices that helps you in your own healing and inner work. I believe that birth is sacred and exposes the core of who we are, therefore a birthing person should be guided through the process holistically and with the knowledge they feel most important to their journey.
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Danielle M Camp

Greetings Beautiful People, my name is Danielle but please call me "Dani". I am a Registered Nurse who has 3 adult children and 1 amazing granddaughter. I aspire to nurture and guide your through your birth journey in the most positive ways available. There is never a dumb question so please ask it all! If I do not know we will find out together! Safeguarding you, your rights & your birth experience are my goals!
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Casey Carroll

Hello! My name is Casey Carroll and I am a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, and CBC. I absolutely love to support mothers in the most precious times of their lives. Empowering woman to advocate for themselves and their baby’s is my goal. I can’t wait to support you and your family!
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Michelle Chenevert

I am a childbirth educator, Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator, and birth doula in the Pittsburgh metro area. I am committed to supporting your birth vision, and to working with your family to help you make informed choices about your care. I am bilingual in English and French.
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