Join Us in decreasing infant and maternal mortality!

The FAM Program is a NonProfit branch of Masters of Maternity, (fiscal-sponsored through Tamion Enterprise 501c3), that aims to increase access to doula care for families of color. Our program assists with connecting families to a qualifying doula and helps with associated fees related to the motherhood journey.


What is a Doula n. (/ˌdo͞olə/)

1. From the ancient greek meaning "woman who serves."
2. A trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support before, during and after birth.
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Doula care is a proven solution to improving the motherhood experience.

Join us in building better maternal health, reducing racial disparities and improving the Pennsylvania's dire maternal and infant mortality rate.


“Doulas can empower women to achieve the best birth outcomes possible, and all outcomes—for births, infants, and mothers

About Masters of Maternity

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