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Golden Lotus Doula Services ( Jess, Lily, Michaela, Lisa, Gab, Rae, Millicent, Mary)

The doula of your dreams. We are allies in your birth and postpartum experience and will only refer you to providers that will treat you with the highest caliber of respect during this chapter. We support families of all kinds, LGBTQ, single parents, adopted families, fostering families, fertility journey families and more! If Doulaing is an art- we are the Louvre. We are the ones you have been looking for.
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I have always been passionate about making sure people feel supported and cared for in various capacities. My job as your doula is to provide holistic and comprehensive doula care that acknowledges the physical, mental, social, and spiritual factors that can impact birth and postpartum experiences. I practice from a person centered perspective where your needs, values, agency, and desires are at the forefront.
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Ladder of Labor Doula Services

As your dedicated doula, I offer a range of personalized services tailored to meet your individual needs and desires. From prenatal education and emotional support during labor to postpartum care and lactation guidance, I am here to provide compassionate assistance and evidence-based information to help you make informed decisions that resonate with your values and preferences.
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Badger & Quill Photography – Photography, Birth & Doula Services

I'm Megan - I'm a bit of a hot mess. I’m awkward, but hilarious, and I swear too much. I love the outdoors, trying my hand at homesteading, devouring books, doing photography, crafting, and raising animals. You can often find me with my nose buried in the ruff on one of my dogs, breathing in their dusty, sun drenched smell and trying to cement it in my memory. I maaaaay do that with my kiddo too, although he usually smells like outdoors, ketchup, and curiosity
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Maria Camila Arbelaez Solano

My practice has been focused on supporting immigrant and refugee families through doula work and case management, utilizing a holistic, evidence-based, and trauma-informed approach. However, I welcome anyone in need of support across a full spectrum of experiences. Although my availability for private clients is paused for now, folks can contact me for resources, referrals, and light questions and guidance. In special circumstances, I may be able to assist with scheduled procedures.
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Flavia Barbosa

I'm Brazilian and I'm psychologist in my country. I decided to become a Doula after my own experience having a home birth and being supported by a Doula during mt pregnancy. I speak Portuguese, English and stufying to improve my spanish.
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