Caitlin Kish


I am a birth doula with Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh and am also a student midwife, though on a temporary pause due to being pregnant myself with our 4th daughter. I have served at all the major Pittsburgh area hospitals including Magee, West Penn, Jefferson, St. Clair, and Forbes as well as the Midwife Center. I am also a trained homebirth midwifery assistant and have served with many midwives in the Pittsburgh area.


Birth is a process so intricately, yet flawlessly, designed that it must have been ordained by something higher than us.

Basic Information


  • She/Her/Hers


  • White (Having origins of the original people of Europe / Middle East / North Africa)


  • English

Year Training Completed: 2016

Years of Experience: 1 -5

Maternal Specialist Details

Type of Doula:

  • Childbirth

Doula Certifications:

  • DONA International

Births Attended: 100

Other certifications or licenses: Madriella Birth Doula, Student Midwife (NARM route), Neonatal Resuscitation, CPR, Breastfeeding for Birthworkers


Serving Pittsburgh PA and areas within 50 miles

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Caitlin Kish

Caitlin is an amazing Doula! She was there every time I reached out and really helped to ensure my birth plan was followed through and provided me with information to make decisions on my own. Caitlin also supported my husband so that he could be the best support person for me as well. I would absolutely recommend her! I still have my birth story, hand written by my 1st doula and will treasure it and the experience forever!
Aleta H.

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