Lexis Mason


I recently claimed my space in the birthing realm back in December 2021. I was called to this work at 14 years old, when my cousin (23) went into labor during one of our sleepovers. I didn't know what to do but be present for her and talk her through the night. I became a CNA in 2013 and moved to a Labor&Delivery unit in 2021. I decided that becoming a doula was necessary for my community. Especially, to gain the confidence to birth collaboratively and informed throughout.


when things feel difficult, it is because they are difficult. that does not mean you are doing something wrong.

Basic Information


  • African American or Black


  • English

Year Training Completed: 2021

Years of Experience: 0 -1

Maternal Specialist Details

Type of Doula:

  • Sibling
  • Postpartum
  • Full Spectrum
  • Childbirth

Doula Certifications:

  • DONA International

Type of Doula Practice:


Other certifications or licenses: CPR certified


Serving Allentown PA and areas within 20 miles

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Lexis Mason
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