Pittsburgh Birth Nerd - Angela Starosta

My name is Angela Starosta and I'm a doula, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, and lactation and childbirth educator. I’m passionate about pre-emptively combatting negative birth and lactation experiences with knowledge, support, advocacy, and empowerment.

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Pittsburgh Born Photography & Doula

Jess and Kate are a doula/birth photography partnership that both specialize in birth photography, and doula work. We have attended and have served over 100 Pittsburgh families. We strive to form strong, lasting bonds beyond the birth room with the families we serve. If you are expecting a baby we would love to work with you.

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Kayla Williams

Hello Beautiful People, my name is Kayla Williams. Also known as Fitmomsblog ❤️ I am a wife, mother or 3, and a passionate servant in the birth world. I fell in love with this work due to a lack of things in my own birth. I feel alive while in the birth realm🤲🏽🤎

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Kenisha Wilson

I’m a Pittsburgh native, with a background in Communications/Public Relations. One of many motivations for pivoting my career towards Maternal Care, was the lack of diversified solutions and the obstacles making it difficult to find a seat at the table. I'm a full spectrum doula and I currently work at PA Women Infant and Children Program (WIC). I love empowering women through their pregnancy, birth/labor and postnatal care.

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