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Lexis Mason

I recently claimed my space in the birthing realm back in December 2021. I was called to this work at 14 years old, when my cousin (23) went into labor during one of our sleepovers. I didn't know what to do but be present for her and talk her through the night. I became a CNA in 2013 and moved to a Labor&Delivery unit in 2021. I decided that becoming a doula was necessary for my community. Especially, to gain the confidence to birth collaboratively and informed throughout.
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Laura Ann McCarthy

Laura is a licensed clinical social worker, DONA certified postpartum doula and works teaching about baby carriers professionally. She has over 13 years of experience in the mental health field. Laura believes that all mothers and birthing people need a tremendous amount of nurturing during the transition to parenthood, but they are often not given that level of support.
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Kendall McKoy

Hello beauties! I'm Kendall and I am currently a trained childbirth doula with DONA International. I will have my full certification by the end of the summer. I have 14 years of health care experience and most of it was spent working in private OB/Gyn offices, Planned Parenthood, Adagio Health/Family Planning, and L&D floors in hospitals. No, I have not personally experienced Childbirth, but I believe it is my calling to love, care for, and support women. I'd love to be your doula!
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Nadia Mercado

My business, Cocoon Birthwork, was founded in 2022 to provide holistic doula care, body literacy education, and reproductive advocacy to the underserved communities of the greater Pittsburgh area.
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Tiffany Mouery

I understand the need for that traditional role of support and encouragement from one mother to another. All women (and partners) deserve to have a doula by their side who is caring , sensitive , and understanding of the prenatal, labor and postpartum period and works for YOU.
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Nia Nchami, MPH

My name is Nia Rose, I am a WHOLElistic doula where I take into consideration the whole (spiritual, mental, physical and emotional) aspect of pregnancy and birth. My practice evolves around meeting my clients wherever they are at and being alongside them as they journey into parenthood. I am fairly new to the practice but I am eager to incorporate what I have learned as well as learn more along my journey into birth work. I would love to chat with you to determine if we will be a good fit!
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Skylar Nisen

Hello! My name is Skylar Nisen and I am a newly trained doula looking to support women local to the Lehigh Valley area!
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