Nia Nchami, MPH

My name is Nia Rose, I am a WHOLElistic doula where I take into consideration the whole (spiritual, mental, physical and emotional) aspect of pregnancy and birth. My practice evolves around meeting my clients wherever they are at and being alongside them as they journey into parenthood. I am fairly new to the practice but I am eager to incorporate what I have learned as well as learn more along my journey into birth work. I would love to chat with you to determine if we will be a good fit!

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Alexandria LC

Hi I'm Alexandria and I support women who want spiritually holistic support before, during, and post pregnancy . I am a mother of three and understand firsthand the fears and stress that comes with working to conceive and the trials of pregnancy. I want every mother to enter their pregnancy with the confidence that she is in tune with her womb and her baby.

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Delisa Roman

Delisa Roman also known as Dilly Roman is the owner of Fit Moms Of Philly, LLC she takes pride in working with moms both pre and postnatal. After naturally birthing her first child With the help of a doula and lactation specialist she took interest in helping other mommas realize their power!

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Hello! I started my birth journey through specialist certifications in Prenatal and Postpartum massage therapy 20 years ago in New Jersey. I loved and felt in the right place working with moms. I felt drawn to support them during the labor journey as well. So, here I am, all these later still living my soul’s purpose. I originally certified through ALACE and just started the certification process for DONA.

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Working tirelessly to support families and their children from birth through adolescence, Shemaria (“Mimi”) Scharmann has been an advocate and champion in the field of early childhood education. She uses her gifts and talents to ensure comfort for delivering mothers as a birth/ postpartum doula, encourages and guides the development of children and youth in their endeavors as they navigate the challenges in life as a teacher and is a visionary and global leader in the raising of “a village.”

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Marcela Anita

I am from Brazil and I live in Pittsburgh since 2012. I became a doula, childbirth educator and lactation counselor to guide and support families who are also immigrants adapting to a new culture and rebuilding a support network while navigating the healthcare system. I speak Portuguese, Spanish and English fluently, and some Irish as well. I love being part of a community that relies on each other to create a good experience for parents while birthing a new generation with kindness and respect.

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Emily Standridge

Hello! My name is Emily and I am from North Carolina. I moved to Pittsburgh in 2010 for graduate school and fell in love with the city and decided to stay. In addition to being a PP doula, I am a mental health therapist who specializes in perinatal mental health, as well as trauma, anxiety, and depression. I work with all communities including blended families, polyamorous couples/families and self identified members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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