Tawniece Craighead

Hello Queens! I'm Tawniece (Tawn), I'ma Birth and Postpartum Doula. I also do Placenta Encapsulation & keepsakes. I have worked in the Healthcare field for 10 years. I believe in the power of body & mind. Mental Health is one thing that’s important I go over & keep up with my clients. I believe together we can create and do the impossible . Also, The complications that came with both my pregnancy what drove me to be a doula. I want to be able to speak up and advocate for My WOMEN!

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Chrissy Dougan

Chrissy and her team at Northwest PA Doulas support growing families in Erie, PA and beyond. She offers her enthusiasm and passion for "all things birth and baby" to help families achieve their goals with confidence. Chrissy enjoys attending conferences and workshops year round to keep up-to-date with the most current information available. She believes that the emotional components of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum play a big role in overall health and satisfaction and are not to be ignored.

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Kieashia Edwell

Hi! I’m Kie Edwell AKA @YourBlackDoula! I’m a Birth Doula and founder of Elephant Song Doula Services in Pittsburgh, PA. I am an incurable goofball with a passion for teaching and sharing culturally relevant childbirth education. I chose birth work because of my love for empowering and supporting Expectant Parents and their families. My own Birth Experience opened my eyes to the many things that need to change in order for Black Mamas and their babies to have safer birth outcomes. ❤️

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Amy Farr

Amy is married to her husband Jody and they have two children. Her daughter Maura was born in 2005 and her birth fueled Amy's desire to support other families during their pregnancies and births. Her son Ryan was born in 2008 and his birth didn't go as planned and it just increased her interest in helping other families. Her goal is for the birthing person to feel empowered by their birth experience

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Cherrell Fulton

Hi everyone!! I am Cherrell, a mother of 2 and a sister to many. I am passionate about birthwork because there are far too many instances where birthing people are not heard and supported. I believe that with continued support birthing people, their baby's and their families can grow in ways that we've never see before. Let's get this work!!!

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Maya Goldstein

Hello! My name is Maya Goldstein and I am a Birth and Postpartum Doula. I started this journey when Covid-19 started and my cousin was cut off from her community during childbirth and the months after. I was there to support her through the birth, the late-night feedings, and everything in between. I hope to be there for you as well. I am first aid and food handler certified. https://mayaschildbirthpostpartumsupport.com/

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Syreeta Gordon

As a trained doula Syreeta sees her role as one who provides support and guidance throughout the prenatal, birth and postpartum period. Experienced as an educator within youth development, community outreach and certified in health relationship speaking among other skill levels. Syreeta began her birthwork after serving teen mothers through and organization called, "Sisters Saving Ourselves Now". And, later worked in pregnancy care centers where she led lay counseling and parenting classes.

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