Maya Goldstein


  • Childbirth (Doula who provides emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth)
  • Postpartum (Doula support after the delivery of a child)
  • Full Spectrum (Supports the entirety of the reproductive journey and any outcomes - from fertility & preconception, to birth, to abortion, to miscarriage, to adoption, to postpartum)


Hello! My name is Maya Goldstein and I am a Birth and Postpartum Doula. I started this journey when Covid-19 started and my cousin was cut off from her community during childbirth and the months after. I was there to support her through the birth, the late-night feedings, and everything in between. I hope to be there for you as well. I am first aid and food handler certified.


Forget the day’s troubles, remember the day’s blessings.


Certification: Madriella

Year completed: 2021

Years of experience: 0 -1

Births attended: 1

Languages: English

Other Certications: First Aid, Food Handler certificate