Alexandria LC


  • Full Spectrum (Supports the entirety of the reproductive journey and any outcomes - from fertility & preconception, to birth, to abortion, to miscarriage, to adoption, to postpartum)


Hi I'm Alexandria and I support women who want spiritually holistic support before, during, and post pregnancy . I am a mother of three and understand firsthand the fears and stress that comes with working to conceive and the trials of pregnancy. I want every mother to enter their pregnancy with the confidence that she is in tune with her womb and her baby.


Get In Tune With Your Womb


Certification: Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), Nafsa Project School, *Doula

Year completed: 2017

Years of experience: 1 -5

Births attended: 44

Languages: English

Other Certications: Holistic Herbalist