• Childbirth (Doula who provides emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth)
  • Postpartum (Doula support after the delivery of a child)


Working tirelessly to support families and their children from birth through adolescence, Shemaria (“Mimi”) Scharmann has been an advocate and champion in the field of early childhood education. She uses her gifts and talents to ensure comfort for delivering mothers as a birth/ postpartum doula, encourages and guides the development of children and youth in their endeavors as they navigate the challenges in life as a teacher and is a visionary and global leader in the raising of “a village.”


My mantra is to support you and your partner offering knowledge, research, dialogue, and to help you make informed decisions for your baby and body.


Certification: DONA International

Year completed: 2012

Years of experience: 5 -10

Births attended: 1039

Languages: English, Spanish

Other Certications: Birth Educator Trainer