Kendall McKoy


  • Childbirth (Doula who provides emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth)
  • Postpartum (Doula support after the delivery of a child)


Hello beauties! I'm Kendall and I am currently a trained childbirth doula with DONA International. I will have my full certification by the end of the summer. I have 14 years of health care experience and most of it was spent working in private OB/Gyn offices, Planned Parenthood, Adagio Health/Family Planning, and L&D floors in hospitals. No, I have not personally experienced Childbirth, but I believe it is my calling to love, care for, and support women. I'd love to be your doula!


You're an asset to EVERYTHING you're involved in!


Certification: DONA International

Year completed: 2021

Years of experience: 0 -1

Births attended: -3

Languages: English

Other Certications: Certified Medical Assistant, CPR/First Aid certified, Nursing Student